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After months of a focused effort we would like to present you our 17th release – the second part of the VA "Conglomerate" project which is dedicated to the work of musicians connected with Minicromusic Rec. 

The compilation contains works composed by 12 renowned Polish (but not only) artists – more than 78 minutes of music. From deep to dub techno, from bright to a bit darker colors. The whole is a journey through a full of life and emotion world of techno – world of experimentation and exploration. This is a truly soulful music in times of easy listening.

We hope that you’ll find these sounds interesting and somehow useful.

„Conglomerate 2” is available on CDs and as a digital release.

Produced & curated by: Michał Wolski
Mastered by: Michał Wolski
All rights reserved
Minicromusic Rec. 2016/2017

01 Michał Wolski - Barber Shop 
02 Jacek Sienkiewicz - Zebra 
03 Amandra - Blanche Sinera 
04 Concept Of Thrill - Nedstigning 
05 Fischerle - Narcissus 
06 Moon Wheel - Vacuum Flask 
07 Kuba Sojka - Micromal 
08 Blazej Malinowski - Damage 
09 Eastern Renaissance - Nordvik 
10 Sept - Distrust 
11 Violent - Devil Is Not Allowed 
12 Michal Jablonski - Fluid Wave

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