VA - Conglomerate 1 (minicromusic015)

Our 15th release is "Conglomerate 1", an effect of efforts between seven mucisians exploring deep techno and dub techno. At this time we take a look on this, how dub techno may be understood nowadays. We present you some classic and a bit more extravagant ideas. Enjoy the soooundo!

Produced by Michał Wolski, Fischerle, Yac, Vitalis Popoff, Tom Dagone, Michał Jabłoński, Dot-dot.
Mastered by Michał Wolski.

1. Michal Wolski - The Nest
2. Fischerle - Honeymoon
3. Yac - Descanting the Insalubrious
4. Vitalis Popoff - Lambda
5. Tom Dagone - Herer
6. Michal Jablonski - Redhead
7. Dot Dot - Theta

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