Minicromusic Rec. Podcast 001 mixed by Michał Wolski (MRP001)

After four years of our activity there is a time for a short summary. We present you a set, which consists of previously released tunes in our label. It's 14 tracks recorded by 6 artists/projects, a mix of techno, deep techno and dub techno given in a hypnotic, hour long form. This is also a first part of the Minicromusic Rec. Podcast series.
The set was mixed by Michał Wolski, founder of Minicromusic Rec.

Enjoy the music!

1. Weld - Molecular [minicromusic009]
2. Mech - Stir [minicromusic014]
3. Michal Wolski - Waking Up [minicromusic008]
4. Michal Wolski - Midnight train [minicromusic013]
5. Blazej Malinowski - Dirty Butterfly [minicromusic010]
6. Michal Wolski - Model One [minicromusic013]
7. Michal Jablonski - Bukowe [minicromusic005]
8. Mech - Short Story [minicromusic014]
9. Michal Jablonski - Doppler [minicromusic012]
10. Michal Wolski - Matter of life and death [minicromusic008]
11. Mech - Rosa [minicromusic014]
12. Michal Jablonski - Automatic Poison [minicromusic012]
13. Fischerle - Lungma [minicromusic011]
14. Weld - Chromosome [minicromusic009]


You can find all tunes on our website and on Minicromusic Rec.'s Bandcamp profile:

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